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Little Red Hood Development Foundation

網頁及插畫設計 Website & illustration Design


與童作伴 以愛改變未來



Companion with children, change the future with love


Cultivate good children who cultivate both morality and morality

思動計劃 Mind Shift

網頁及動畫設計 Website & Motion Graphic Design





The University of Hong Kong Department of Psychiatry has commissioned a project to target local secondary schools. The illustrations are designed in a cute style to appeal to teenagers, and there is an interactive element to the website where visitors can click on the illustrations and play around.

Common Co-Learning

網頁及插畫設計 Website & Illustration Design



網頁及插畫設計 Website & Illustration Design





With a problem-oriented learning model, students discover problems from the campus or society, and use various current electronic technologies to allow students to design solutions to solve problems.


It is hoped that through hands-on classroom activities, students’ sense of ownership in learning can be enhanced, so that students can understand that learning belongs to them, and it also focuses on students’ mental development and learns the growth mindset of learning from failure.


An exhibition is held before the end of the semester to share learning results with students and teachers across the school.